Kunming Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd. - KISCO
Yunnan - China

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Historique - Geschichtlicher Überblick
  Kunming Iron & Steel Group Co. Ltd. - KISCO, China

24.12.1998 Mise en service du haut-fourneau C de Belval
Commissioning of blast furnace C de Belval
  In 2001 the output was 2.0977 million tons of steel, 2.134 million tons of iron, 1.578 million tons of steel product, and 4,999 tons of pig iron and 12,321.56 tons of slab and steel products were exported. The total value in foreign currency for exports has achieved USD 3.2516 million. A gross production value of RMB2.53386 billion was achieved, and so was a turnover of RMB 3.804 billion, a profit and tax value of RMB 683 million (the net profit was RMB 248 million). After many years of work, in a scientific attitude and innovative spirit, KISC has found out its way of development, which combines the tapping of potential capacity with innovation and expansion as well as selfaccumulation and rolling development. Ever since the Eighth Five-Year-Plan period, KISC has totally invested RMB 5.8 billion for the following project constructions: No. 3 Steelmaking Plant with advanced process and technology (50 ton converters, annually producing 650,000 tons of steel, which is 100% continuously cast); two 50- oven coke batteries (each 6 m high); a high-speed wire rod mill with international advanced technology in the 1990’s (designed capacity is 350,000 tons per year, actual output is 500,000 tons per year); a 2000 m³ blast furnace imported from Luxemburg (designed output is 1.32 million tons of pig iron per year); No. 3 Sinter Plant (2.46 million tons of sinter product per year); an ore storage field (processing capacity is 4.9 million tons per year). In the process of pursuing modernization, economization and high efficiency, KISC has achieved significant development. At present, according to the national guideline of adjusting the product structure, eliminating the backward, adapting to the market demand, replacing a portion of imported products with domesticmade ones, KISC is constructing the project of hot and cold rolling strip mills, for which the investment is RMB 2.15 billion and Da Hong Shan iron mining with output of 4.00 million tons of iron ore per year, for which the investment is RMB 2.0 billion.
2011 Renovation du haut-fourmneau C de Belval
Renovation of blast furnace C de Belval

Blast furnace C of Belval / Luxembourg in Anning at KISCO / China (Photos: 20.7.2007 Felix Hansen)

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